Anonymous asked:

So, curiosity, how do phantom shifts feel for you? Can you move around well? With the no-arms/legs thing worms have going.

Well, as I said in my intro post, I haven’t really gotten as far as feeling limbless, but rather feeling as though I am smooth and covered in a slimy substance. I live a pretty sedentary lifestyle, regardless, though. In the spring, I love to go out and lay in the soil. It feels really nourishing. 

Anonymous asked:

A lot of people suspect kin of rare types to be faking or trolls. That is most likely why some Otherkin will push you away. Also, by that 'slime p-shift' you mentioned, if you meant physically, then almost everyone won't talk to you. Physical shifts are such a topic.

It’s tough being such an unusual kintype, but it feels so real to me :/ I wish someone would understand.

I suppose I was quite unclear about my p-shift. I meant a phantom shift, not physical. 




I’m getting sad. I feel like I have reached out to many otherkin and no one wants to talk to me :\ Is it so bad to befriend a worm? 

hmm i don’t know maybe because everyone realizes you’re a troll?

Everyone assumes that I’m faking, but I really mean it! I know there is at least one other wormkin that has been on this site before and I know there are other insect/bugkin. I know it’s hard for some people to understand, but I AM an earthworm!


Anonymous asked:

you are so brave for accepting your otherkin status. are you afraid of wingedkin? how do you deal with seeing birds on a daily basis. do you

Thank you very much :’) I do tend to feel uneasy around wingedkin, though I tell myself that we are not feral and they are not an immediate threat. Same with birds in general. A part of me wants to wiggle my way into the moist, safe soil, but being in a human form, I realize logically that even if a bird were to sense my worm spirit and attack, it would not prevail. However, when I finally p-shift, I will have to be much more careful.